Form A Chapter

What Chapter Director Do

Equity In Education is employing chapters nationwide representing many countries in which we provide resources to lessen the education divide.  We are always in search of motivated individuals who can represent a chapter devoted to a specific country, people, cause/challenge, etc.  If you are passionate about making a difference and want to manage a chapter of our worldwide non-profit, please reach out.  We all have our social circles and groups that can help to bolster events, fundraising and delivering needed resources worldwide.  Let’s couple your networking and outgoing personality with our online platform to make a lasting difference today.

Our chapter directors breathe life into what we do.  They assist in organizing and planning events, managing their budget, identifying and recommending schools that may be in need of our resources, communicating with members in the chapter and assist in our online peer to peer campaigns.  They also recruit, coordinate and manage volunteers.

The Time Is Always Right To Get Involved!